Returfed and ready to go

We spent today minimising evidence of our excavations: backfilling and returfing our trenches. The last few hardy volunteers made a sterling effort and we are grateful for their unflagging enthusiasm. Special thanks go to two of today’s volunteers: Peter came to help today for the first time, knowing that we would be backfilling and not excavating; and Islay arrived at 3pm with her 4WD truck and navigated the precarious path to the promontory, which made the laborious task of loading the equipment into the van much quicker and easier.

We left the site looking (almost) as we found it – in a few weeks time the turfs will have re-established themselves.

We would like to offer our unbounded appreciation to the many volunteers who have taken part in the Nybster Broch Project; without their contribution, none of the four weeks of excavation would have been possible. More has been achieved than either AOC or Caithness Archaeological Trust could have dared to hope. Our volunteers have been a testament to public archaeology. Thank you.

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