Let them eat cake!

Second last day on site was a mixture of finishing excavation, recording and continuing with backfilling. We welcomed back Roland and Jenny who drove all the way back up from Beauly. Unfortunately Roland was not rewarded with a Pictish grave! Jenny learnt a new skill involving measuring and lasers.

We finished excavating the putative floor levels in the buildings, taking samples that we hope will provide a datable sequence. In typical fashion, Pottery Queen Rhona found the last piece of pottery.

We are delighted with the results of the last two weeks. We will write a resume of what we have found in our next posting.

Volunteers Eric and Anne painstakingly draw one of the hearths to scale.

As always the volunteers were fabulous. Colin held back his tears whilst backfilling the ditch but has become obsessed with archaeology. And Gordon, Ronald and Jenny brought lots of cake which boosted morale as we backfilled.

Last day on Saturday. It had better not rain….

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