Disentangling Nybster


The Jelly Baby house

We have reached that point in the excavation where we need to resolve the important questions that our Pictish building is presenting us with. As usual, things are more complicated than they appeared at ground level, and now we need to select the key areas to excavate that will clarify the relationships between features. We now know that each of the buildings saw several phases of use and refurbishment, with new hearths built to coincide with new floors. Our strategy now is designed to show how each of these phases relate to one another, and to retrieve samples that we can date with radiocarbon dating.
Rhona continued to excavate deposits undisturbed by Tress-Barry’s digging, while Anne, Eric and Gordon clarified relationships between the features in the Jelly Baby house. Lots of recording and surveying to do too – another busy day in store tomorrow!

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