Contact with the Romans

Bad weather on site today: rain and wind but our hardy volunteers persevered.

Colin continued digging outside the rampart confirming that the rampart and ditch were monumental. It is incredible how much rubble and earth Colin has moved in two days.

Most of the team continued  cleaning up the two probable Pictish houses. Eric and Anne came down to layers where Tress Barry stopped and found burning and pottery. We are confident there are untouched deposits lurking beneath.

Ronald (aka Roland) did a great job cleaning up the other building and tomorrow we will be ready to excavate the interior deposits.

At the end of the day Rhona uncovered part of a beautiful glass melon bead in the area of burning to the north-west of the Jelly Baby building. These beads are dated to between the 1st and 3rd centuries AD.

Fragment of melon bead found in context 2011

During this year’s dig we have found evidence for non ferrous metalworking and jewellery. Together with the previous Roman finds and the emerging structural monumentality there can be no doubt of the site’s importance during the first millennium AD.

We are now at a stage to delve into the emerging Iron Age deposits. Who knows what we will find.

Volunteers numbers remained very high today as did the number of visitors.

As I write this, the Scrabble game is too close to call….

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