HRH Prince of Wales visits Nybster Broch

Second day on site was very exciting and eventful. Following a tour of the Caithness Broch Centre HRH Prince Charles visited the site. He met various members of the excavation team, including pupils from Keiss Primary School. Graeme gave a tour of the site, during which Jenny found a wonderful bone handled knife which the Duke of Rothesay found very interesting.

After Prince Charles left it poured down. Work then continued on cleaning up the possible jellybaby house and the surrounding area. Already we are revealing more walls and pottery. Mark, Colin, Gordon and Neil starting digging outside the rampart looking for evidence of pre-broch activity. A hard day deturfing and cleaning will prove beneficial tomorrow.


Some of us were muddier than others at the end of the day...

Volunteers and visitors numbers remained very high with around 50 people on site. We have to welcome Gary, Paul, Neil and Stephen who have come all the way from Belfast. Our youngest member on site, Danny, enjoyed digging and rolling in the mud!!


Trench tour at the end of the day

It has been a good day. As we write this the Princes’s visit has gained national press coverage which is great for the site and testament to the hard work of the local community in increasing interest in their wonderful, but understudied, heritage.

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